Tutorial for MAG

  1. Turn OFF your box from the electricity and then turn it back on.
  2. When you ghet to the “LOADING” image, press your “SET/SETUP” button on your remote. This will bring you to the “INNER PORTAL”.
  3. Press your “SET/SETUP” button again. Then go to  “SERVERS”.
  4. Change “PORTAL URL 1” to the new portal by pressing the “KB” button and typing the address you were given.
  5. Press the “KB” button again and press OK, then you will be returned to the previous screen.
  6. Go to “RELOAD PORTAL” and press OK when prompted.
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Tutorial IPTV for Kodi
In this tutorial we will show you how to install IPTV for Kodi, for watching our streams.

Features of the addon:

  1. Support EPG
  2. Categories, Icons
  3. Account info, like expire date etc
  4. Parental Control
  5. VOD Movies
  6. Easy navigation

How to install Addon for Kodi:

  1. Download plugin.video.xtream-codes.zip from this thread
  2. Open KODI navigate to System–>Settings–>Add-ons
  3. Choose Install from zip file & look for downloaded zip
  4. You are done.

How to configure Addon for Kodi:

  1. Find Xtream-Codes IPTV from VIDEOS–>Add-ons
  2. Right click on addon and choose, Add-on settings
  3. Configure connection parameters, save, lauch addon

Tutorial: Insert IPTV Services Into Bouquets For Enigma2 Receivers  

Putting IPTV channels into Enigma 2 bouquets can be a challenging task.

There is a possibility of using DreamBoxEdit which supports IPTV channels or streams but I am a fan of a harder way where you are adding iptv channels directly into enigma 2 channel lists files (*.tv files).

For this you need remote access to your receiver via ssh connection. I suggest you use WinSCP software.

When you are done with connecting to your receiver, go to to /etc/enigma2 and open bouquets.tv file.

Add this line into the file (EDIT: this step is actually not needed – restart of E2 is enough that receiver detects new userbouquet.iptv.tv file): “userbouquet.iptv.tv” is the name of the file which contains iptv channels list.

You can rename it to something else, I just used name iptv.

Remember that words “userbouquet” and “tv” cannot be changed.
You can only change word “iptv”.

Then you need to create userbouquet.iptv.tv file using notepad++ and then continue with putting iptv channels into this file.
In my case added channels look like this:
Dutch IPTV
ATN Arab IPTV abonnement verlengen.
German IPTV
Spanish IPTV
French IPTV
Portugal IPTV
Turkish IPTV
beIN sport package
India IPTV
China IPTV

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